As ships come and go in this season, we chaplains at Anchor House make sure we get the ditty bags onboard.  Yesterday we placed 50 ditty bags on 2 ships and gave one bag to a cook departing today by plane to go home. Both bulk carriers will be here less than two days. From their itinerary it was clear that at least one of the ships would be at sea past Christmas. The other was heading to northern ports and likely even colder weather. It was a chilly and windy day by Florida standards. Fortunately, we were able to give some extra hats and scarves to those who were working the outside decks. There are knit hats in the ditty bags, but we always hope the bags will be opened for Christmas when possible. The appreciation we received was so delightful. I pass that joy and appreciation to you, to those who collect items for the bags all year round. You are sharing the love of Jesus and the blessing of Christmas with hundreds of seafarers this season in a very practical way. THANK YOU!