It was a wonderful and holy moment to share worship onboard the St. Andrew.  I had just 2.5 hours to prepare and had a 60 -minute transport during that time.  But “this is what we live for” came to my mind. I quickly set aside most other things to prepare the message, music and Holy Communion.  Only God knew what was in store.  My message was from Psalm 103 “Forget not your benefits…”  Forgiveness, healing, redemption, crowning with love and mercy, and being satisfied with good.  I shared a few songs and gave out 16 copies of the songs, message summary and liturgy.  Little did I know I would have 28 in the room (normal crew is 23 on this vessel) and the captain.

Looking back, I realized I saw in them a certain spiritual hunger I don’t always see when I preach. God fed us together. What an honor to share those moments while the US unloading crew was on dinner break. I was then more blessed to receive an offering of 2 baskets of fruit, cheese and canned goods for my wife. The captain insisted I stay for dinner and it was delicious.   I came home late and apologized since I knew my wife Louise was waiting dinner. To which she said, “This is what we live for honey.”