The Eye of the Heron at Port Manatee

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Sometimes it feels like Christmas in September

With the ships that come and go regularly to our port, Anchor House makes and receives orders from Amazon or other vendors. Seafarers, often just before going home, make orders of gifts or special needs. We chaplains bring the orders onboard to those who ordered them....

A Short notice worship opportunity 8/28/2020

It was a wonderful and holy moment to share worship onboard the St. Andrew.  I had just 2.5 hours to prepare and had a 60 -minute transport during that time.  But “this is what we live for” came to my mind. I quickly set aside most other things to prepare the message,...

the Eye of the Heron at Port Manatee

The electrician, Dmytro, astounded me with his fact.  The sleeve or cylinder liner for the engine cylinder weighs 2 tons. I thought, “Two tons… how can that be?” “I show you tomorrow,” he said. The next day when we arrived for our chaplain visit at break time on his...

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