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Ditty Bag

Knit Caps

The First step

Care & Prayer 

Our Seafarers face many challenges everyday and encounter situations that are physically and mentally exhausting.  Your continued prayer for these wonderful men and women is a powerful tool you can utilize to support all that they do for out community, our country and the world.

The Next Step

Ditty Bag

When our Seafarers return to port our mission is to support and comfort them, to provide a human touch and show God love through providing for their needs.  One way we do that is to provide small “ditty bags” that offer up some comforts of home as they prepare for long days at sea.

We’d love to partner with you in offering these wonderful gifts to them. To find out more about this ministry click the link below

Next step

Knit or Crochet a Watchcap 

Nights can be cold and days can be long, when a soft cap is built with love we can show our appreciation even while our seafarers are thousands of miles away. Sewing a knit cap is another way to honor these wonderful people and give them a human touch while out at sea.

Instructions below:

The biggest step

Give to the Mission

It’s through your faithful giving that we can bless, support and witness to these amazing men and women who come through our doors. With your help, we can reach the individuals whom are often overlooked by providing hope and encouragement as well as meet their practical needs.