The Anchor House mission is to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of international seafarers, and our Port Manatee Community.


Your Generosity Matters

Be a Part of Making a Change

Port Manatee is growing. At our Annual Anchor House Banquet in March 2020 Matthew Appice, the Chief Commercial Officer for the Port, gave us some challenging statistics: more ships, more trucks, and more companies working in the port. Not many feet outside my door I see a new freezer/cooler being completed. Every day hot and hungry workers from the port come into Anchor House for refreshing food and beverages and a cool place to take a break. Most days we chaplains bring hospitality and kindness to the seafarers on the ships letting them know Anchor House is for them. We offer those same seafarers transportation to town for shopping. Because of these increases the ministry of Anchor House at Port Manatee increases.  

Not long after the Banquet we found ourselves amid a worldwide pandemic. Port workers, seafarers and those of us who serve at Anchor House became ‘essential workers.’ This group needed to keep working to keep supplying our region and all the United States with necessary goods. Safety, especially cleanliness, became an extremely high priority. We kept up with government regulations and learned a lot about physical distancing, hand sanitizing and wearing masks for protection of ourselves and others. At Anchor House many of our volunteers sadly had to stop coming in due to their age and physical vulnerability. Fortunately, Anchor House has kept operating all these months serving port workers and seafarers.

Why does your generosity matter? Because we need to keep serving these essential workers. Our support has become leaner because people’s lives, church operations and community serving organizations have been disrupted. Chaplains have had to take up the slack where volunteers served. We have done it in the Name of the One who sacrificed for us, Jesus Christ. Some volunteers have come back, others have gone north for the summer months. We keep on serving and extending the hands of love every day.

How can you help? 

  • Check out where you can serve for a few hours a week in this exciting and interesting ministry. We will train you and respect your time and gifting.
  • Extend your generosity with a donation, either one time or on a regular basis, joining what so many wonderful people, churches and organizations have done over the years.
  • Pray for us and pray about what you may be called to do.
  • Feel free to contact us and ask your questions about this mission.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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