The Anchor House mission is to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of international seafarers, and our Port Manatee Community.
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Port Manatee IS growing. The opportunity for ministry IS growing! The need for the services Anchor House provides IS growing! We have seen a jump in the need for our services in the first quarter of the year. There has been a 36% increase of ships in port, a 23% increase in the meals we have served, and a 38% increase in the number of seafarers that we have taken to town for shopping. Through you faithful giving we are meeting these needs. However, as you can see as the Port grows so does the demand for our services. I see this as a blessing. God is giving us the opportunity to serve even more people than we have in the past. The projections are that the port will continue to grow. As you can imagine this kind of growth has a huge impact on our resources. It is impossible to project that kind of growth in a budget, however, as the Port grows so does the opportunity for service. I am reaching out to you to help us with our budget and in helping with volunteer hours. This is an exciting letter to write. I am not writing because the ministry is dying and we need funds just to survive. Instead, I am writing because God is blessing this ministry with expanded needs. The Port is growing, so both the number of seafarers we are serving and the number of Port workers we are serving is growing. The ministry need is growing. In a business as you serve more customers revenue grows, in a ministry that is growing the need for revenue grows. So we are asking you to celebrate this growth in ministry opportunity, by giving even more than you have in the past. The supporters of Anchor House Mission have always been generous. We are asking that your generosity be extended even more.


Anchor House, Inc. Reaching the World through Port Manatee Also, we are in deep need of volunteers. Now, I know that when the need for volunteers is expressed many people get nervous. I don’t blame people for that attitude, there are instances of volunteers being taken advantage of and being guilted into serving in places, or for amounts of time they did not want to serve in. I can guarantee you that will not happen here at Anchor House Mission. We want you to serve in your area of Gifting and for the length of time you want to serve. If you would like to give time to be a part of this exciting opportunity to serve here at Anchor House Mission please contact me, I would love to share in detail what our volunteers do, and how you could plug in here at Anchor House. Let me say thank you in advance for your generous response. Without your generosity, and commitment to Anchor House Mission over the years we could not have touched so many people with the love of Christ. If you ever have any questions about what we do here at Anchor House please don’t hesitate to contact me.



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