About the Ministry


The mission of Anchor House, Inc. is to reach out to any and all international seafarers, truckers, and the community at Port Manatee, Florida. Motivated by the command of Jesus Christ to love your neighbor as yourself, Anchor House seeks to meet all physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the Port community regardless of their race, gender, country of origin, or religious preference.

Our Mission & Vision

Supporting those who support us

Anchor House works collaboratively with other seafarer centers around the globe and is an active member of the North American Maritime Ministry Association. Anchor House is also an active member of Port Ministries International. Seafarers’ missions are very aware of the value of working together to meet seafarer’s needs, because the time they are in port is often very short and the needs are frequently serious. So, maintaining communication and collaboration with other port chaplains/centers is primary.

Did you know?

Did you know that it takes 1.6 million seafarers to man the ships that bring us billions of dollars of products each year. In fact, almost 90% of products we use come to us some how across the sea. These seafarers sign on to work on board the ships for 8 months at a time. That means they are away from home the whole 8 months. A seafarers center like ours provides, friendship, free internet, so they can call home, and transportation services to take the seafarers shopping for their families. It is also a safe place to share some of the challenges they face in everyday life on board a merchant ship. We need your help to continue to serve the thousands of seafarers we see each year. Contact us to find out how you can help make life better for a seafarer.