In the past week sea fog has come and gone here at the port. It is essentially clouds formed at sea level.  When the fog is thick enough the port is closed to incoming and outgoing ship traffic. It is too dangerous for these large ships to move without good sight lines. Yes, there is very effective radar, but the port has close quarters in some places so the risk is not worth it. Expected ships are delayed and outgoing ships wait in port. This makes us adjust our plans at Anchor House because we may have scheduled ship visits or we may have been thinking we would be transporting seafarers. Of course, this all requires patience. For the rest of the port containers or product coming on and off a ship have been orchestrated to travel by train or truck. Each part works together. With sea fog many have to wait. Being from the north where there is  snow I liken sea fog to blizzards. Everything is disrupted and then you have to sort it all out. I am always amazed at the logistics and I believe day after day many people do a great job to keeps goods and services flowing.