Part of international ministry is learning culture. I am not a big fan of tea. But there are two times I will take tea: in Uganda when served to me in homes or church gatherings and onboard a ship. A couple weeks ago one of our regular lumber ships visited and I went to see the captain. He is always gracious and often he has an item he needs from a store. I had a great conversation with him on the day prior(tea included) and came back to return the item he needed. I must admit I was at the end of my day and ready to go home. I was planning to drop off the item and not take the captain’s time. He paid me for the purchase and he asked if I was staying. I said, “No, I am heading home.” His response with a smile was, “It would not be right if you did not take tea.” I grinned back and said, “You are right!” In that brief visit we learned a bit more about each other’s families and we made a plan for my wife to visit him with me the next time he came to our port.