I was in my office catching up trying to finish a few things I had started earlier.  It was about 5:15pm and I was between van runs dropping off seafarers at Walmart and picking them up. A young seafarer came in our front door and headed straight to my office. “You are Alan,” he said.  I agreed, even though I was pretty sure I had not met him. “What ship are you from?” I asked.  He named the Lena as his ship. He sat down and smiled through is mask. “I am so happy to be here. This is a great place.”  He then proceeded to tell me how they play the worship songs I had given them on a zip drive during their mealtime. I was so pleased that our zip drives, a covid -19 innovation, were being used. I gave him an updated zip drive with a few more songs. I asked if he had a Bible and the answer was no. He now has 2 Bibles, several of my favorite passaged highlighted. I also gave counsel about study and salvation in Christ as well as ways of contacting us for follow up.  His ship is headed to Europe next, but God has orchestrated a new connection. When I picked up the men from his ship at the store one of his shipmates made guitar strumming motions and pointed at me. I confirmed he also hears and sings those worship songs. It’s just one of the ways we invest in the ones we serve in the Name of Jesus.