About 3 years ago Anchor House, Inc. invested in a new ministry to truckers.  A Truck Center was set up outside the Port front gate.  It was a place truckers could get food, drinks, coffee, hot showers and a place to sit comfortably. Most importantly, it included Bill and Letty Oostendorp   They, along with a few volunteers, made the truckers welcome, talked with them and provided a place for a break while waiting. Many months the number of truckers served was over 100 visits. Then came covid and then came some better truck scheduling. Trucker visits dropped to 20 per month which was pretty slow. Letty’s health worsened, there were no other volunteers, and another group serving truckers asked to share or take over the facility.  Thus, after many conversations and prayers, the Truck Center was closed. It is never easy to shut down a ministry, but its time had run its course. As I said to Bill, “You invested in thousands of truckers. Good work.”  The truckers now are able to wait inside the Port gates and therefore have access to the Anchor House Center.  Our challenge is to follow the ministry example of Bill and Letty and remember to share the Daily Bread devotionals and hand out trucker Bibles when the truckers stop here for food and drinks.