As one of our port workers left Anchor House this morning, I heard the train locomotive whistle blow and laughed to myself. What a variety of vehicles people use to stop by Anchor House. Here is the list: ships, trucks, semis, train locomotives, golf cars, utility vehicles, cars, pickups, vans, old school bus, ‘yard dogs’, top pick/lift, 3 sizes of fork lifts and even walking.
Where else can you work and find such a variety? The variety of people is quite abundant as well. It is part of what makes life so interesting here at the Port. Some of the equipment is huge. The skills and training to run them are so important in keeping everyone safe and getting the job done. As a pastor who has been in the people business most of his life I appreciate seeing and supporting workers who use their skills and hard work to keep this country moving. I’ll never run a big crane or move a shipping container. The logistics are amazing. Watching some of the ships get loaded or unloaded is almost like a well-choreographed dance.
Today’s news reveals the shipping container traffic has slightly more than doubled over the past two years. Two new container storage yards are being readied right now. It is busy here. Hats off to our workers. At Anchor House we are here for you.