We were absolutely delighted to be invited onboard on both the Queen B II and the Izmir on National Seafarer’s Day, Sunday, to provide worship services.  In the first case, we were on the deck with plastic chairs and a breeze.  The songs were sweet; and the cake and ice cream afterwards were also sweet.  I was speaking to the number one problem seafarers report: loneliness. My text was Matthew 11:28-30 and I also referred to how lonely it must have been for (King) David when he was tending sheep long before he was king. On the Izmir, the crew was a larger and we were in the crew mess.  Their singing was strong and passionate. We distributed many Bibles and other reading materials. After their service Trish and I were invited to eat dinner onboard. What we did not know was it was a day of birthday celebration for one crewmember and we enjoyed quite the party. It was so good to rejoice in the Lord and to relax together.  Pray for many more invitations to bring worship. It’s what we live for!