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IN 2022...

Ships from over 10 different nations docked at SeaPort Manatee

(Ukraine, India, Philippines, and more)

1 BILLION Bananas passed through SeaPort Manatee

and if you're in Florida, you might've eaten one of them.

Anchor House distributed over 600 bags for personal relief to seafarers

we call them "Ditty Bags"

550+ ships docked at SeaPort Manatee.

some of them with workers who legally couldn't get off their ship

11,000+ seafarers passed through the Seaport

most of whom where International Citizens

Anchor House made over 13,000 meals to workers

and we were happy to do it

SeaPort Manatee made an economic impact of 5.1$ Billion

making it one the Bay Area's largest economic motors
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