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Our Mission

Anchor House stands as a mission centered around the gospel, dedicated to reaching out to and serving both international seafarers and the wider SeaPort Manatee community in Palmetto, Florida. Whether through worship services, providing transportation to the store, or offering a welcoming place of rest, our commitment is unwavering to support and enrich the SeaPort community.  To hear more of our mission check out our full Mission page.

Understanding the SeaPort Community

Annually, SeaPort Manatee sees the transit of more than 1 billion bananas. The individuals responsible for handling these valuable shipments are the international seafarers on the ships and the American dockworkers on the docks. Dealing with shipments worth millions of dollars, these workers play a crucial role in the seaport's operations. Often, seafarers spend weeks docked, facing the challenge of legal restrictions that prevent them from disembarking. This means they remain on board not only during sea voyages but also while docked on land. Curious to delve deeper into this?  Click here.

Some 2022 statistics

Ships from over ten different nations docked at SeaPort Manatee.
In addition, Anchor House made over
13,000 meals for workers.
11,000+ seafarers passed through the Seaport.

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