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Our Mission

Anchor House is a gospel-centered mission that reaches out to and serves all international seafarers and the SeaPort Manatee community in Palmetto, Florida. From worship services to offering car rides to the store to being a much-needed place of rest – we are here for the SeaPort Community. To hear more of our heart, look at our full Mission page.

Understanding the SeaPort Community

Every year, over 1 Billion bananas pass through SeaPort Manatee. The workers on the ships (international Seafarers) and the workers on the docks (American Dockworkers) are the ones who move millions of dollars worth of shipments through the Seaport. Sometimes docking for weeks at a time, a lot of Seafarers do not have the legal ability to leave the ships when docked and are forced to stay on board the ship, not only when at sea but also on land. Want to learn more? Click here.

Some 2022 statistics

Ships from over ten different nations docked at SeaPort Manatee.
In addition, Anchor House made over
13,000 meals for workers.
11,000+ seafarers passed through the Seaport.

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