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In the year 2022, SeaPort Manatee witnessed the arrival of a staggering 1 billion bananas.

While envisioning a towering stack of bananas reaching a billion might be amusing, the reality of transporting such a colossal quantity of fruit is far from playful. This immense task involves the concerted efforts of seafarers aboard the ships and dockworkers on the ground. At Anchor House, our primary focus is on serving these two crucial groups: the seafarers and the dockworkers.

Behind every shipment of bananas, there is a ship filled with seafarers, modern-day sailors, who find themselves thousands of miles away from home. These international citizens, hailing from diverse corners of the world, spend months at sea, sometimes up to ten months at a stretch. Even when docked, little changes for those on board. Seafarers lacking the necessary visas are restricted from shore passes, confining them to the ship and cramped quarters for extended periods. This is a common scenario for some seafarers each year at SeaPort Manatee. At Anchor House, we deploy appointed chaplains to board the ships and share the Gospel with those who cannot go ashore.

For the dockworkers, who are residents in the Bay Area, the process of receiving and transporting is incredibly demanding. Yet, as one of the largest economic contributors to the entire region, SeaPort Manatee generates a remarkable $5.1 billion economic impact. This accomplishment is made possible by dedicated workers who, after strenuous efforts, need a place to rest. The facilities at Anchor House are designed precisely for that purpose – providing a haven for dockworkers to unwind from their demanding work. With a comfortable lounge and a small snack bar, we welcome numerous dockworkers who stop by every day.

We minister to 2 kinds of people:



  • international citizens

  • at sea for months at a time

  • often can't go ashore


  • live in US

  • work long hours

  • blue-collar lifestyle

in 2022 SeaPort Manatee oversaw a


economic impact

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